“The L Word: Generation Q” Season 2: An Ode To Getting A F*ck Up | GO Mag

“The L Word: Generation Q” Season 2: An Ode To Getting A F*ck Up | GO Mag

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We’re all only a number of fuck ups.

Whenever those words stumbled the actual lips of the problematic and magnetized
in episode a couple of second season of
“The L Keyword: Generation Q,”
I believed as though someone had opened up a window and released a beautiful breathing of clean air into a suffocatingly-stuffy space.

We’re all only a lot of fuck ups.

We held repeating this to myself personally like a mantra for the rest of the night. Along with each repetition, the springy breeze began to operate its way inside of myself.

Precisely Why?

We wondered.

Since it is

the facts.

And there’s nothing more refreshing compared to the truth. While the facts are

we are all a lot of fuck ups

. Not merely the figures of “The L Word,” however, me, and everybody we understand.

However, just like
fleeting time of hypocritical judgment toward Sophie’s indiscretions, we often feel superior facing somebody else’s shag upwards. Why don’t we get real: how many times maybe you have considered smug and “holier than thou” whenever reading an account of a stranger which cheated, lied, or gambled themselves into bankruptcy proceeding? I know


have actually.

And, due to the internet, the collective gloating never been a lot more intoxicating.  Its fun to stand on moral high surface with anonymous complete strangers. When we’re all up that high, we can not see what’s happening upon the pavement of one’s own dirty resides.

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I’ve found this fixation with harping about fuck ups of others especially rampant in queer culture. (Exactly who could forget whenever a *certain* highly-regarded lesbian’s wedding finished in 2020, and

twitter went untamed

, deeming the separation “damaging” to our neighborhood?)

Possibly it’s because we queers are traumatized from becoming represented as immoral heathens trying wreck “family values” that people’ve turned into these hostile publicists who will do whatever needs doing to cultivate a flawless picture to mainstream culture? And when a very own doesn’t stay glued to the strict PR criteria, we fall all of them?

Possibly it is because we’re suckers for fashions like someone else? And being flawed is

perhaps not

on-trend. Righteousness is the anger.

Perhaps it is because we’ve been viewing glittery highlight reels on the internet for way too long we have forgotten about that true to life is filled with dark shadows?

I don’t know the solution.



how I breathed a sigh of comfort when
, the reigning Queen of messing up, bestowed the realest gospel upon united states.

Let us think about the slew of fuck ups, previous and existing, highlighted in occurrence two:
confessing her want to Sophie while Sophie and Dani tend to be mid-vow. Sophie’s betrayal to Dani by


to have gender with Finley.
Bette cheating on Tina
. Gigi cheating on Nat. Nat concealing the woman polyamorous identity from
never being able to ensure that it stays in her own trousers.

Everything had gotten me thinking…what will it indicate as a bang up relating to
“The L Keyword?”
Whenever we examine the fuck ups in episode two, there is one glaring theme:



How does Finley separation a pending matrimony — in a cap nonetheless? Her desire to have Sophie. Exactly why did Sophie cheat on Dani to start with? Where moment, she preferred Finley’s human anatomy and love. Precisely why performed Bette swindle on Tina? Want it or perhaps not, she ~preferred~ that trouble-making carpenter. Nat needs polyamory. Gigi ruined the woman commitment with Nat because she preferred a fresh body. And Shane? Shane should simply have DESIRE inked across the woman forehead.

We could pathologize the mistakes these ladies made till the cows return home, nevertheless the main point here is this: no one placed a gun for their minds and pushed them to perform the things they did. They made it happen since they



Desire is actually an elaborate creature by which to wrestle. One easily accessible, the society cheerleads for all of us to “listen to what we wish!” lifetime mentors make a killing keeping events training us to suspend all of our fears of exactly what other individuals think and “go after what makes us


.” Social media teems with pretty red price cards telling us to “do more of exactly what turns you on.” Glennon Doyle’s “wild” has-been on the best-seller number for over 71 months.

The content is actually deafening and obvious: it’s your


life. Do the thing that makes you are feeling good. YOLO, bitch.

Yet, once we would actually “live like there’s absolutely no the next day” more often than not, we’re satisfied with pretty dreadful effects. Consequences like becoming crucified of the same coven that encouraged you to complete what we wish to begin with. Effects


Finley dropping the woman dream work and finding by herself in exorbitant LA with absolutely nothing. Effects like Bette residing broken under the heavyweight of regret for pretty much 2 decades. Outcomes like Shane finding by herself in throes of financial crisis, Sophie reeling from heartbreak, Nat decreasing the woman connection.

Desire is powerful. It’s


powerful it’s like it hijacks all of our prefrontal cortex (the an element of the mind responsible for making choices).

But need is also a sign that individuals’re very much


. Its what separates us through the lifeless — not simply the six foot under dead — but from those people who are lifeless interior.

Are there any even more graceful tactics to handle desire than infidelity, lying, and blowing up our everyday life? Sure. But desire is not mental. Its primal. This is the reason whenever we’re wracked with desire, we often become creatures.

Even though I don’t condone injuring any individual of desire, the things I’ve observed usually there is typically anything


ongoing behind a desire. Anything therefore large and inconvenient, the minds protect united states from recognizing it is actually there. It gets kept out deep in the subconscious.

Therefore we go about our very own secure, clean small physical lives totally unacquainted with this colossal


that is making deep within united states.

Until Desire, searching beautiful and dangerous in a short skirt, lit cigarette hanging out-of pouty lip area, radiating seduction, as she casually struts into our life armed with a lit match and gas, ready to burn down everything we have now worked so difficult to construct.

And also at basic, we are pissed.

Would you this bitch consider she actually is?

After which we’re devastated. Just how will we actually ever endure? After which, over time, even as we work through the rubble, we realize everything resolved just as it must.

Sophie thinks Dani may be the fantastic love of the woman life. Why would not she? Dani is a rare capture. She’s got


: Beauty. Brains. A heart. Cash. She actually is the kind of girl that your particular mummy would destroy you for allowing go.

But anything ended up being lacking for Sophie. She craved a cozy, Finley fuel. A power much more in line with their hot household. But how could she actually also allow her to brain go there? Dani is everything she thought she wanted.

Which is when Desire, that brilliant little Tart, made a decision to swoop in and do the dirty benefit their. Sophie won’t have desired Finley if she had been one hundred percent positive about Dani. Bette won’t have now been lured by carpenter if there clearly wasn’t a little seed of question that


Tina wasn’t “the only” planted within their. Shane wouldn’t have remaining the woman hair lot of money in Paris behind and exposed a

lesbian club

unless in her core she realized that way of life wasn’t for her.

Having said that, I am not sure what all character’s best fortune is. Maybe Bette and Tina get back collectively after all these years, just now they’ll certainly be really happy since they needed time aside to develop by themselves? Perhaps Sophie and Dani will find it, too. I do believe in 2nd possibilities. But I also rely on burning it straight down and creating it back up, in an entirely new method. Because regardless of what takes place, as soon as Desire worked her method in to the picture, things won’t ever take a look equivalent again. And that is more often than not a



What this event reminded me personally of could be the charm in screwing up. She’s an unconventional beauty for sure, but anything powerful never will be run-of-the-mill. Even although you take the other area of the fuck up and you have been rendered broken-in the aftermath of somebody more’s screw up, there is charm in this also.

So now you be aware of the fact.

And though the reality affects, when I mentioned earlier in the day, it’s roentgen


. It’s a gift. In regards down seriously to it, isn’t really heartbreak a lesser wicked than producing an existence with a person that is secretly not sure about you?

I would like to reside in a world where extract of need was actually constantly managed gracefully. But often it takes big, dramatic, occasions like being left within altar to


. In life, we’re provided countless little indications that people disregard with work, exercise, partying, social networking and millions of some other desensitizing elements.

That’s the power of desire. She causes us to be feel crap. She makes all of us to hear the holiest thing of most:


Therefore know very well what’s the antithesis in the reality? Excellence. Together with higher up you place your self regarding pedestal of perfection, the more difficult you’re freeze whenever desire knocks you the bang down. Very suspend the reasoning. Like Shane states,

We are all just a lot of fuck ups.

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